Pounds for piggies (2016)

A young man's quest to complete his piggy bank collection.

"An amusingly unsettling lament on obsession and where it takes us" 
Outpost 31 Podcast.

The Team

Ash Ogden

Ash Ogden

Lee Wardell

Lee Wardell

Tim Japp

Harrison Forehead



Harrison Forehead
The Collector

David Ogden
The Well-Dressed Gentleman

Lee Wardell
The Customer

Josh Swarbrick
The Bartender

Dan Crabb
Piggy One


Archie Plumpton
Piggy Two

Alistair Sonnex
The Wood Pigeon

Nathalie Leloutre
The Dolphin

JP Thwaites
The Turtle


Ash Ogden 
Director / Producer /
Camera Op / Editor

Lee Wardell 
Writer / Producer

Ben de Vries 
Original Score

Harry Japp 
Additional Sound Design

Hugo Andrews 
Sound Recordist


Charlie Smith
1st Assistant Director

Gregory Jordan
Set Designer

David Isaacson

Aldo Martinez
Visual Effects

Lewis Harvey



Review: OUTPOST 31

On the surface it's a darkly funny story
about a collector of the old Nat West piggie banks. When you look this particular gift-piggie in the mouth, it becomes an amusingly unsettling lament on obsession and where it takes us.

The real victory in Pounds for Piggies is you come away feeling that either interpretation is just as satisfying. If you got both, then brilliant, but the film observes The Collector of the sought-after piggie banks with something of a wry inevitability. You are given permission to view and take away from it whatever you want.

Interview: The
New Current